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computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы

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Border Crossing
We can border cross your shipment from US to Canada and back whether it is going to be a car, truck, or shipment of any goods including transfer fully loaded trailer between the border get it unloaded/ loaded and bring it back to you.

We are registered motor carrier in both countries (US and Canada) Our services induce:
  • prepare your paperwork (we can issue a bull of lading if you need one, issue PARS number ; issue PAPS number )

  • fax the paperwork (bill of lading and commercial customs invoice) to customs broker

  • get it all cleared

  • and basically sort things out

All our drivers certified and registered with ACE program and US Customs.

Other terms are acronyms for border security programs for certifying drivers, pre-clearing manifests, standardizing procedures for hazardous materials and animal and plant inspections:
  • C-TPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

    • Supply chain documentation

  • PIP: Port Inspection Program

    • aimed at nuclear contraband

  • FAST: Free and Secure Trade

    • pre-clearance procedures among NAFTA countries

  • ACE: Automated Commercial Environment

    • The standardized platform for electronic document exchange

  • US-VISIT: visitor identification program for those with visas

    • most Canadians and Mexicans are exempt

  • APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection System


computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы

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computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы